Maryland Restaurant Equipment - New and Used Equipment
Thanks for coming  to our new site!!!!
We are a family owned business of thirty five years. 
We are going into our 3 generation!! 
We are so excited!

Maryland Restaurant Equipment differs from the competition.

First, corporate responsibility, it’s not just about making money or selling equipment. We make friendships and lasting relationships.  We support various groups and churches in the area, whether it’s for the kids, the SPCA, or a local fundraiser!  We will donate to good causes monetarily, gift baskets or by helping out with equipment.  Maryland Restaurant Equipment shows great pride in helping our neighbors. A great community starts with relationships and we try hard to build them and network to build new relationships with others.

Second, Maryland Restaurant Equipment provides all the aspects of the equipment world. We have everything from walk-in’s, hoods and any of the equipment that you could need or want.  We have refrigeration and gas mechanics on staff everyday, so we are able to offer repair work.  We do service on all equipment.  We offer slicer contracts for one year that covers all of your labor on slicer work for a very reasonable cost.  We will come to your place of business or even your home to work on equipment.  We have a 30,000 square foot building loaded with all different kinds of equipment.  We have a very large area of small wares consisting of new and used.  Occasionally we also have tables, chairs and booths.  There is a lot of décor from signs to pictures. We offer delivery to your specifications or you can pick up.
The third way we differ from the competition is that we can also get you new equipment along with used pieces so we are a one stop shop you can come and buy used in everything you would want used and then we can order the things you would like to have new.  If you already have equipment and needs to be worked on we are your guys to fix it right up for you!!
Lastly, we offer restaurant layout assistance, if you need help give us a call!

If there is something that we can’t provide for you, we will know where to send you to get it!!
Please call or come by
Maryland Restaurant Equipment
2419 Whiteford Road
Suite, D
Whiteford, MD 21160
410-452-8930 or 410-558-2332
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our site . There's much more to come!
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